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The business entity is obliged to regulate social insurance in the case of a citizen who has registered with the State Registration Office in the form of a labor contract with a citizen and provided with a work contract and paid a contract to work.

An employer may pay social insurance premiums of 11%, 12% and 13% from the monthly salary fund depending on the percentage of premiums for Occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

/ Article 4.1, 4.2, 15, 16 and 17 of the Mongolian Law on Settlements /

The following documents will be created for new social insurance coverage: These include:

1. An enterprise certificate

2. Letter of application for social insurance

3. Make a social insurance report on AP-7 and H-8 form

4. Payment receipts for social insurance premiums during the month

Employee and civil contractor The official insurer will pay a 10% monthly wage premium on wages. If an insurer enters into a new job, a social insurance booklet and a health insurance certificate will be issued through an accountant’s accountant. An insured with an old social insurance book will continue to record. If the social insurance book is completed, it will be opened by the relevant health and social insurance authority through an accountant’s accountant.

The employer is obliged to pay social insurance if the employer has issued an employment order and if a labor contract is established and paid. (Article 4.2 of the Law of Mongolia and Article 32, article 32.1 of the Law of Mongolia)

Voluntary Insured:

Self-employed, unemployed, students, disabled people (including all citizens other than the compulsory) may voluntarily be covered by social insurance. Insurance:

1. Citizen ID card

2. If a new social insurance booklet is opened, 1 percent is a photo

3. Continue with the old notebook

4. The insured shall conclude a contract

Each month, 10 percent of their income is paid on pension insurance, 1 percent on the benefit insurance and 1 percent on the LIKP insurance for 12 percent.

One. What kind of inquiry can you get from a social insurance agency?

The following references will be provided at the request of citizens and organizations on the archive documents of the social insurance organization: These include:

1. Definition of contributions from employers to social insurance in 1991-1994

2. Since 1995, employers’ organizations have paid social welfare premiums on wages and salaries in the name of the insured

3. Definition of pension receiving pension

4. Referral social insurance premium from social insurance inquiry and information base to local social insurance departments and referrals

5. A description of the social insurance premium paid because the employer did not work or work

6. Reference on employer’s payroll fund and number of insured employees

7. Definition of whether an employer is a social security liability

Two. What facts do you have to get the reference?

The citizen who requested the inquiry from the archive documents should submit the following documents.

– Citizen ID card

– Labor diary and social insurance book

– Application for archive inquiry

– An entity is required to submit an application form

Three. Where do you get the references?

The above references will be obtained from the aimag and district health and social insurance departments.

Орхон аймаг                                                               ДансValue
State Bank240501939408Please register your registration number !!!
Khan Bank5090092658Please register your registration number !!!
Capital Bank2035000574Please register your registration number !!!
Golomt Bank4001028735Please register your registration number !!!
Capitron Bank3007004173Please register your registration number !!!
Trading Development Bank407025059Please register your registration number !!!


The employer has requested to transfer to the public before the transfer.

Compulsory insurance deductions deduct insurance premiums after deducting insurance premiums after deducting insurance premium from the social insurance premium.

If the insurance contract is terminated, the insurance premium is a social insurance officer.