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Our organization will be INSURANCE with a comprehensive social security service that is capable of providing universal social security by 2030. Gg


We will deliver social insurance services to our Insured’s trust and satisfaction

Erdenet city was established in 1973 in the back of the Erdenet ovoo and was founded in 1974 as the administrative unit of Erdenet Khurgan in Bulgan aimag. As the economy and society of Erdenet grew rapidly and the population increased rapidly, the Committee was established in 1976 in Erdenet, where the Social Insurance Division of Orkhon aimag started its operation in May 1976. As of July 1, pensions have been set aside in October as “Labor Sector Supplies” in October, consisting of three staff, head, labor and pensioners.

The Social Insurance Department has been reorganized and organized by the Government Resolution # 344 on 13 December 2017.


· Financial Registry Office

· Service section

· Coverage and revenue department

· 38 departments with 4 departments, including supervision and internal audit departments

In Orkhon aimag, social insurance services are provided to citizens, business entities and organizations. Also, in recent years, social insurance expenditures have been increasing over the years, and conclusions have been made in collaboration with the aimags and the community as a result of 10 rules of social insurance.

        At the end of 2017, the Social Insurance division of Orkhon aimag collected revenue of MNT 66.9 billion from MNT 67.3 billion, and settled by MNT 99.9 billion, making it worth 99.4 percent. Expenditure was spent MNT 69.0 billion from MNT 88.1 billion. Total revenue of 66.9 billion MNT, subsidized MNT 21.6 billion and expenditure of 69.0 billion MNT have been covered by this year. The total number of 266 thousand Mongolians has been covered by social insurance services.

        The division is planning to extend 60.8 billion MNT in social insurance fund in 2018, with the total amount of MNT 30.7 billion to be raised from 23.1 billion togrogs in the first half of the year and 132.9%.

As a result of the International Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015, as a result of the development of public service management with the aim of protecting insured from the risks of social insurance and providing social insurance services for the rapid and accessible social development of Orkhon Aimag Social Insurance Department Certificate of Acceptance of Certificate of Completion of Certificate of Completion of Certificate of Completion “Intelligent green jobs” “Social insurance artificial intelligence” “Governance innovation” “Social insurance agent” “Social insurance gift” “Integrated human resource management” “Social insurance messenger” “Social insurance 365” is successful.

        As a result of these activities, the Division has been awarded a provincial governor’s award by a high-ranking rating agency within the framework of the 2017 operational monitoring and evaluation process.